Grocery Anchored Shopping Centres

2014_grocery_anchored_scThe process of assembling the cast of tenants that make up a grocery anchored shopping centre differs significantly than other type of retail developments. Success begins and ends with securing a grocery store as your anchor. To accomplish this, it is critical to understand each operator’s unique requirements and desired areas for expansion. With market research and our well established relationships with B.C.’s top grocery stores, we are able to provide our clients with the information they need and ultimately, an accurate and credible direction on how to proceed.

Upon securing a grocery store, the process of securing the balance of the tenant mix can be a complicated one. Understanding these tenant specific uses, co-tenancy provisions, exclusivities, physical site requirements and rent thresholds is extremely important and will cause issues major downstream if not managed properly.

A well planned, well executed leasing program for a grocery anchored shopping centre is as important as finding the appropriate piece of land itself.