Mixed Use Development

2014_mixed_use_devMost urban developments of any scale are now mixed-use; comprising retail with residential and sometimes office and hotels. Obtaining the right physical design, legal structure (strata/air parcel) and balance of uses in this type of development is the key to maximizing overall value.

Mixed-use developments typically require compromises that can negatively impact retail lease rates and residential values when poorly designed. We work with our clients in the pre-development stage to ensure the final design will complement the other components of the development, while ensuring maximum value for the retail component.

Unlike traditional retail developments, mixed use properties have many additional considerations which need to be addressed:

  • Parking allocation
  • Air parcel vs. Commercial section of strata
  • Venting and garbage management
  • Loading
  • Ceiling heights

Whether you are a land owner considering a site’s potential or a developer requiring input at any stage of the development process, we can provide valuable insight into the retail potential of the site.