Releasing of Existing Assets

2014_releasing_of_existing_assetsWe pride ourselves on local consumer knowledge and our recognized ability to identify and secure the best national, regional and independent retailers.

Form Retail Advisors works with property owners to lease current and upcoming vacancies, as well as re-leasing properties requiring rejuvenation.

Not all property owners have the same goals and objectives. An institutional portfolio investor may be focused on maximizing return on investment over several years, while a private investor may be more concerned with minimizing disruptions to cash flow.

We work to understand each of our client’s goals in order to formulate the right approach, including a proactive marketing strategy to maximize rental income, minimize vacancy periods and enhance the property’s tenant mix.

Marketing Strategy

  • Identify uses that complement existing tenant mix
  • Identify potential new traffic generating tenants which will enhance the overall performance of the property
  • Target strong independent local retailers
  • Recommend cost effective improvements to maximize marketability