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Project Leasing

Putting together a new development is not without challenges. We become an integral part of your core team, working with the client and its consultants from the outset to ensure the planned development meets market demand.

We’ll also help you meet pre-leasing and financing requirements under the pressure of timelines.


  • Grocery Anchored Shopping Centres
  • Mixed Use Development
  • Power Centres

Grocery Anchored Shopping Centres

Assembling the cast of tenants for a grocery-anchored shopping centre differs greatly from other retail developments. Success begins and ends with securing the anchor tenant, making it critical to understand each operator’s unique requirements and desired areas for expansion. Form also works to secure the balance of the tenant mix to support the project’s long-term viability.

Our industry-leading market research and established relationships with top grocery brands mean our clients start with a significant competitive advantage.

Grocery Anchored Shopping Centres
Brewery District mixed use development

Mixed Use Development

Today’s urban developments are typically mixed-use; combining retail with residential and sometimes office and hotel space. Mixed-use developments typically require compromises that can impact retail lease rates and residential values.

We work with clients in the pre-development and development stages to ensure the final design will complement the various functions of the development, while ensuring maximum value for the retail component.

Mixed Use Development

Power Centres

While traditional power centre developments in British Columbia are becoming less frequent due to diminishing land supply and higher construction costs, opportunities to pursue this type of development do arise.

Form has orchestrated a number of power centre leasing programs and has a proven formula for success. There are several critical components to attracting key tenants, including: understanding site and co-tenancy requirements; knowing trade area requirements and expansion strategies and, lastly, understanding approval processes.

Power Centres
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Re-leasing Existing Assets

Form works with property owners in leasing current and upcoming vacancies, as well as releasing properties requiring rejuvenation.

Not all property owners have the same goals and objectives. While an institutional portfolio investor may be focused on maximizing return on investment over several years, a private investor may be more concerned with minimizing disruptions to cash flow.

We work to understand our clients’ goals and formulate the right approach, including a proactive marketing strategy to maximize rental income, minimize vacancy periods and enhance the property’s tenant mix.

Explore Re-leasing Existing Assets

Marketing Strategy

We’re known for putting our consumer intelligence to work to secure the best national, regional and independent retailers.

We do this by identifying how to complement the existing tenant mix of a project, identifying new traffic-generating tenants to enhance overall performance of a property, targeting strong independent retailers and recommending cost-effective improvements to maximize marketability.